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  • How will I recieve my list?
    After payment you'll be emailed the list in the form of a PDF.
  • Where are the manufacturers and vendors located?
    US, Asia, UK , Australia
  • Average Response Time?
    Due to the time differences & the nature of business operations. Give manufacturers 24-48 hours to respond to your inquiry.
  • Minimum Order Requirements?
    Average minimum order requirements (MORs) range between 30-50. Some have higher, some have lower all depending on the company you choose and item you want to order.
  • Average cost for apparel to get Manufactured?
    The cost per item will vary depending on the manufacturer you choose, the product you want to create, and the amount you want to order. Due to this we advise everyone to get quotes from multiple manufacturers to find what price works for you.
  • What can the manufacturers make?
    The manufacturers can make a variety of apparel including sweatsuits, hats, socks, jeans, jackets, lingerie, swimwear, t-shirts, coats, hoodies, polos, underwear, fitness apparel and more!
  • Can the manufacturers make samples?
    Yes. These manufacturers can make samples of your product before bulk production. Ordering a sample to test the quality, fitting and overall design of a product before you order bulk is highly suggested.
  • What type of printing can the manufacturers do?
    These manufacturers can do various types of embroidery printing, screen-printing, laser-printing, heat press printing & more!
  • What type of fabric do the manufacturers have access to?
    These manufacturers have access to a variety of different fabrics & material. This can also vary per manufacturer, so inquiring to see which one has the fabric & material you’re looking for is highly advised.
  • Private labeling & customized packaging?
    Yes. The manufacturers can create private labeling and customized packaging.
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